Book Review: This Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs

There are a few things I hunger for in a book. Romance. Unresolved Sexual Tension. Intrigue. Fantasy. Magic, both the emotional and the physical kind. When you take all of those elements and immerse them in Regency England, you have got my heart, my soul, and my undivided attention.

Persephone Fury lives in an England divided into two spheres that coexist seamlessly – Ordinary England, where the non-magical people live, and Magi England, where the magic people live. Persephone comes from an aristocratic family whose musical skill is legendary. She is, however, the dark sheep of the family. Not only is she suspected of having robbed her fraternal twin brother of his magic in the womb, but she has demonstrated from a young age that her magical power is preternatural. For this reason, her family do all they can to disguise how she truly looks and what she truly is.

However else is she to make a respectable marriage on the Magi Regency London marriage market?

A dark figure moves through the pages of this book from the first to the last. He is Mister Jones, the Fury family tutor, who has nefarious reasons of his own for attaching himself to a family he secretly despises. He makes no effort to disguise his disdain of Persephone, whose thirst for knowledge forces her to lurk in her brothers’ tutoring sessions, only to be repulsed by the despicable Mister Jones.

Her confrontation with him in all his ugliness is the catalyst that begins this stupendous story, and it drives the reader with unrelenting urgency through the delicious length and breadth of this long and satisfying book.

We see the Magi world in its beauty and the Ordinary world in its comparable squalor. But it is when Persephone makes the discovery that drives her into the hands of a band of renegades led by the abominable Mister Jones that we see how very ugly a beautiful world can be made by heinous acts.

This is an epic fantasy trilogy, of which This Crumbling Pageant by Patricia Burroughs is only the first. Take the plunge. Immerse yourself in this world the author has created. It is real enough for you to see, hear, and feel.

You will not want to leave.


The book will be released on May 6, 2013, in hardcover, trade, and digital by Story Spring Publishing.


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